FireFox 5 ????? !!!!!

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Was just downloading something and get this pop up from Firefox update




What are the new feature in this major release?




To be fast it seems to be… First impressions thought….

We’ll have to confirm this later…

The awesome bar

here is it..

In fact it is the address bar, that now have some added feature to serve automatically as search bar, and also provide autocompletion… It’ is also supposed to be able to learn from your habits, and provide customized replies…..We’ll see about hose thing later.


Tabs are now up

they are placed up of the “awesome bar”

Firefox button

All menus are now assembled under one button (and it’ll be the same thing even under linux


Tabs in panorama view

here is the new way to arrange your tabs

And a lot more feature availabe here…..



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